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Mindstretchers is a dynamic company, made up of an enthusiastic and dedicated group of people who feel that all children are entitled to learn in a multi-sensory and naturally creative environment.

The company started life as an educational consultancy in 1997. The underlying philosophy has been developed by Claire Warden, whose previous experiences have included teaching, advisory work and lecturing and who is now also in demand internationally as a speaker and consultant.


There are a great many routes to one place and everyone involved in Mindstretchers has followed a different one, so team members have many different and varied specialties and strengths. We work as a team to provide a range of engaging experiences for children and adults, as well as providing training and facilitation on all aspects of early years practice. We design and produce our own range of resources to motivate and inspire children and adults to learn.


Above all, we hope to share a positive attitude and enthusiasm for experiential learning.

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