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Staff Appraisals from the children of Auchlone

Every year we set aside some time for the children of Auchlone to tell us what they think about the staff team. We all sat around our Talkaround Mat and allowed children time to discuss what they thought of us.

As it is every year, the activity proved fun and rewarding for our team and children alike. See what they had to say below:



"Makes things" -boy aged 3

"Reads story" -girl aged 3

"Playing" -boy aged 3

"Makes planes with small sticks" -boy aged 4

"You Mona best teacher" -girl aged 4

"Does talking" -girl aged 5

"I love you Mona" -boy aged 4



"Smells nice and wears pink jacket like Gail" -boy aged 4

"works all day" -girl aged 4

"tells me story on potty" -girl aged 2

"plays with us" -boys aged 3

"Just plays" -girl aged 4



"She's beautiful and kind" -boy aged 4

"Makes nice snack" -girl aged 4

"Meena!" -boy aged 2 (that’s how he says her name)

"Gets us wet in the rain! Hehehe" -girls aged 4



"I like it when she wears her blue coat because she matches Anine" -boy aged 4

"Lots of things to help Auchlone" -girl aged 4

"Best teacher" -girls aged 4

"that and this (waves hands in air)" -girl aged 2 

"Paperwork" -boy aged 3



"I love Gail she's crazy!" -boy aged 4

"She's likable" -boy aged 5

"Nice singing for snack and woods time" -girl aged 4

"Tells me songs on potty" - girl aged 2

"I love Gail!" -boy aged 3

"She's noisy" -girl aged 4

"Plays" -boy aged 2


We highly recommend that you do this activity in your own practice.

Learn more about Auchlone Nature Kindergarten by watching our video below:



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