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Talking and Thinking Floorbooks Approach®

- A child-led approach to observation, planning and documentation

The Talking and Thinking Floorbooks® Approach (developed by Claire Warden) is a child-led learning method which promotes higher order thinking and can help raise attainment in settings. Floorbooks® are used by a wide variety of settings throughout the UK, Australia, US, and internationally. To find out more about what a Floorbook is read our introductory blog


The Talking and Thinking Floorbooks Approach has a number of different elements:


Mindstretchers offers a number of different Floorbooks courses which allow practitioners to get the most out of Floorbooks. Our most popular Floorbook courses are the set of leveled courses: Talking and Thinking Floorbooks Level 1 and Talking and Thinking Floorbooks Level 2. Alongside these we also provide a series of in-depth training such as Developing Talking Tubs and 3D mind-mapping and Higher Order Thinking Skills.



These inspirational training courses examine the place of child centred planning cycles in the early years and primary sector and how they can impact upon Higher Order thinking skills in all areas of the educational practice. The courses are designed to look at the way we involve our children from the age of 0 to 12 years in planning their learning whilst still being accountable to the curriculum.They focus on a variety of themes including raising attainment, promoting higher order thinking, and encouraging oral and written skills. If you are looking to book in-house training specific skills, learning or themes can be incorporated to ensure that you get the training you need. 


The Courses


Talking and Thinking Floorbooks Level 1

Talking and Thinking Floorbooks Level 2


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Other Floorbooks Courses:


Provocations for thinking: Talking Tubs
Explore how to engage children in talking about what they already know. Leave with a toolkit of strategies at your fingertips that work with children that have been tried and tested.


Higher Order Thinking Skills
Learn how to observe, plan and interact to support the development of higher order thinking. Leave with increased knowledge and improved awareness of the power of thinking about the possibilities that learning moments have to offer.


Engaging Reluctant Learners
Discuss the barriers that contribute to children not engaging in learning. Leave with research evidence that the Floorbook approach works as a motivational way of working with Individuals, small group and whole group to reignite the desire to learn.


Progression: The Learning Journey
Learn how to document progression of the individual and the group within the Floorbooks. Leave with practical methods to make the Learning Journey visible and a system to show accountability to curriculum and capacities for learning.


Identify the next step: Possible Lines of Development
Spend 3 hours on your own Floorbook and in case studies to raise the quality of the Possible Lines of Development. Learn how to identify what underlying concepts, skills or knowledge to focus on and then how to write them as PLODS that take forward the learning.


3D & 2D Mind Mapping
Explore the use of physical and written mind mapping techniques to develop learning concepts. Leave with an increased skill in supporting children’s thinking through the Talking Tub and its use to map knowledge, skills and attitudes.


Floorbooks & Primary School
Engage with a variety of examples of Floorbooks created by children from age 4-11yrs, discuss the benefits and challenges of using inquiry based thinking to drive the learning. Leave with research, techniques and confidence to use the approach with older children.


Floorbooks and 2 years olds
Look through examples to ascertain the features and benefits of a Floorbook created with infant toddlers and then into the 2-3 year olds. Leave with practical issues addressed and a clear action plan for practice.


"It finally hit me today that ‘the real thing is best’. My mind was a blank canvas this morning, now it’s a Monet of ideas. Can’t wait to get started! You’re a fab team. Thank you!"
Fiona Waddell, Plains Primary School, North Lanarkshire

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