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Welcome to our collection of webinars including live and on-demand webinars for people working with 0-12 year olds.  Wherever you are in the world you can connect to us!



Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation email confirming your place. You will then receive an email with your access link 24 hours before the webinar begins, and a further reminder email with your access link one hour before it begins. Below is an example of the confirmation email and where you will find your access link:



We recommend that you join the webinar 10-15 minutes before it begins to ensure that you are able to connect to us. Please note that if you are planning to attend the webinar via mobile or tablet you may have to download the GoToWebinar app from your relevant app store. This is a free app and the join link will automatically take you to the app to let you install it.


You will be sent an email with a recorded version of the webinar within 24 hours of it completing. This is to allow you to revisit your learning and also means that if you cannot attend the live session you will not miss out on the learning experience. Please note that this recording will expire after a few weeks. 


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Upcoming Live Webinars


Title: How do you run a Mind Mapping session?

Presenter: Claire Warden, CEO Mindstretchers, Claire Warden Ltd, Living Classrooms.

This webinar takes place on Thursday 24th August 2017 @10:00 GMT+1 @7:00pm AEST @5:00am EST




How do you respond to or develop an interest? What are the benefits of 3D mind mapping session? How do you find connections in learning and evidence this?  How does it relate Talking Tubs and Floorbooks?


In this practical and inspirational webinar, Claire will guide you thorough the 3D Mind Mapping methodology (developed from Tony Buzan’s 2D Mind Mapping) to consider children’s learning styles, making the approach more stimulating and memorable for kinaesthetic and visual learners. 


A 3D Mind Map involves a group of children sitting around a black talking and thinking mat and using strips of paper, wool and props to link their learning and comprehension of a subject.  A 3D mind map is often used as a baseline to establish knowledge and interest levels regarding lines of enquiry. It can also be used for summative assessment. 


This methodology is often interweaved with a Talking Tub in combination or following a talking tub session.  The Floorbook documents and illustrates these discussions.  


In the question and answer session, Claire will address your practical issues and any questions about 3D Mind Maps.


Title: How do we light and manage fires to support children’s learning?

Presenter: Kate Hookham, Senior Consultant and Trainer for Mindstretchers and Living Classrooms. MSc and BSc , PGCE

This webinar takes place on Thursday 30th August 2017 @10:00 GMT+1 @7:00pm AEST @5:00am EST




Why should I light a fire and demonstrate how to manage and use it with children? How does fire management link to the curriculum and learning? What are my health and safety considerations related to fire?


In this practical webinar, Kate will cover benefit risk assessment of working with fire. She will talk you through step by step how to prepare yourself and children for fire use, how to light the fire, continue to manage the fire and most importantly extinguish the fire correctly. In using fire with children we cover a wide range of curriculum and transferable skills. Human beings have an innate connection with fire and in using this element we embed memories and strengthen the depth of learning that takes place.


In the question and answer session, Kate will address your practical issues and any questions about fire.


Title: The benefits of outdoor learning

Presenter: Jenny McAllister, Consultant and Trainer for Mindstretchers and has an MBE for services to Education.

This webinar takes place on 28 September 2017 @10:00 GMT+1 @7:00pm AEST @5:00am EST




Why should we take children outside? Is it more than just health and wellbeing? What learning opportunities exist outdoors? 


In this informative webinar, Jenny explores the creative and motivational world of outdoor play and learning. She will discuss case studies and give practical solutions to encourage practitioner to go outside.


Find out how to make this happen in your setting and ask Jenny specific questions in the question and answer session.


On-Demand Webinars

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"Fantastic. One of the best Early Years courses."
Class Teacher, Nurturing Boys, 2016


"Brilliant course with brilliant facilitators, I've really enjoyed it."
Deputy Daycare Manager, Nature Pedagogy (Journeys into Nature) 2016


"Super! Enthusiastic and enthused everyone. Knowledgeable, colourful and lively. Resource rich and used in real contexts. Really good pace which was maintained all day. I felt interested and stimulated throughout. "
Teacher, Talking and Thinking Floorbooks, 2016

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