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Our Staff Appraisals 2016


This week the children at Auchlone Nature Kindergarten have been discussing their teachers. We all sat down on our “Talkaround-Mat” and laid out photos of the Auchlone staff. The children began by discussing the different staff members and we recorded their words in our Floorbook. Finally, the children drew pictures of the staff.

The children and staff found the experience engaging, rewarding and fun!

Dialogue from the children.

Annie's Appraisal
FG - Cause she has a smiley face.
DH - I like aunty neen cause she has long hair.
MK - Caue she likes too eat everyone!
DR - Eats all the children.

Gail's Appraisal
FK - She gives me wire
DR - Cause she is funny
MK - Tie up material
MS - She looks after everyone

Mona's Appraisal
MK - She looks after the children
DR - Cause shes good
FG - she helps me make my book
CP/MMP - Building. she plays in the sandpit with us!

Jessica's Appraisal
MMP/ DR - Kind
HC/ DH - Good
FG - She helps me make my stuff.
CP - She's nice

Dannie's Appraisal
CP - She plays with Rosie and makes sure Rosie is ok
FG - She brings me in when I am upset
DR - She is nice
CP - She looked after me when I hurt my knee
DH - She’s lovely

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