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5 Brilliant Reasons to Send Your Child to Camp

Throughout the year Mindstretchers offers a number of camps during school holidays to give children the opportunity to fully engage with nature for a week. From wood whittling and fire starting to tool tinkering and home-made cooking, awesome adventures and amazing memories will stay with children long after camp has ended. This award winning programme will be sure to give your child the best school holiday ever.

The dates for our next camp are: Oct 17th 2016 – Oct 21st 2016. There are still places available!

Camp is for anyone between the ages of 5 and 12 and is held at Fowlis Wester near Crieff. It is run between 9.30am and 3.00pm by our trainers with support from Auchlone Nature Kindergarten staff. Children are able to attend for as many or as few days as you wish. There may be a discount available for multiple bookings. Please get in touch to check the availability of individual days. Additional days can be booked for your child during camp depending on current bookings.


Studies have shown that outdoor play and learning is incredibly beneficial to a child’s upbringing. Not only is it physically and emotionally healthy, but it helps to develop key life skills.


Our camp is outside for the entire week, allowing your child to get as close to nature as possible. We believe that the best experiences and lessons are found in the natural world. Sending your child to camp will allow their relationship with nature to grow and flourish.




To help fit camp into your schedule we try to run camp during as many school holidays as possible. You can be certain that your children will spend their holiday having one of the greatest learning experiences possible while learning to love nature.


To fit it into your schedule and holiday plans, children are able to attend as many or as few days as they wish. We are flexible to your needs.




Camp activities are completely led by children, with staff providing support rather than directing. We give your child the tools and encouragement to explore at their own speed. This approach allows children to embrace risk assessment and management.


We wholeheartedly believe that the best way to encourage learning is to allow children to inspire themselves through nature play.


Whether your child wants to cook on an open fire, play in muddy water or learn how to weave wool; we will support them in their activity and learning.




For many, this will be the first time they cook their own food on an open fire or whittle wood for use in tool creation. These experiences will last a life time.


Camp allows children to experience nature like never before. By facilitating these new experiences we can be sure that children have an incredibly exciting and fun week while also improving their learning.


Camp makes for brilliant memories that they will share with their friends and families for weeks.




Attending will help your child develop self esteem and independence in a number of ways.


Camp attracts a diverse range of children from a variety of backgrounds and ages. They will undoubtedly make new friends throughout the week. It’s a fantastic opportunity to help develop social skills.


Campers are encouraged to play and learn at their own speed. They will leave with their head held high every day having had a blast and achieved a lot.



Time: 9.30am – 3.00pm
Location: Fowlis Wester (10 minute drive from Crieff, Scotland)
What you need to bring: Packed lunch, water bottle, waterproofs, spare clothes, warm clothes/sun hat and sun cream depending on time of year.
For more details and bookings please email


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