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Journeys into Nature - take STEM outside

For more information on Journeys into Nature in Australia and USA, please visit the Claire Warden website HERE 


Journeys Into Nature is a hands-on approach to teaching designed to deliver the STEM curriculum in an outdoor environment while raising your setting’s attainment. The experiential learning promoted in each workshop inspires practitioners to capture children’s interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through active engagement with the natural world.


"Research shows that the most successful initiatives connect science and mathematics to real life experiences." -Education Scotland


The program has been designed to provide training and support to educators working in the early years and primary. It enables practitioners to see that STEM is everywhere, is interlinked and can be delivered in the outdoors with few resources other than enquiring minds. It is a fun way to excite and engage both educators and children using their natural curiosity and introduce them to the thrilling world of scientific discovery whilst delivering the Curriculum for Excellence! 


Is it of interest to me?


- Do you want to begin teaching STEM in an innovative and inspiring way that will capture the imaginations of children? 

- Are you trying to tackle the Attainment Challenge and want to raise your own setting's attainment?

- Are you interested in outdoor learning and want to see how to integrate this way of teaching into the wider curriculum


What are the features and benefits?


1) Develop your own understanding of curricular links, and how outdoor learning can be linked with STEM; 2) Improve your own outdoor and science skills: learn how to light fires, whittle wood and more; 3) increase your ability to plan and risk assess for experiences; 4) gain a better understanding of the value and potential of learning and development, 5) learn how to transition these lessons into an indoor environment


Do I get anything with the course?


To help document your learning you will receive a Nature Passport, allowing you to keep track of the courses you have attended, take notes and make plans for future actions.


"I've been the outdoor teacher for years - I never realised that I was teaching STEM all this time!" -Nursery Teacher, 2016.

 What workshops are there?


There are 5 main elements of Journeys Into Nature. Each of these elements has a number of workshops which fall into that element. The modular design of the course allows you to select the parts which you are interested in and are relevant to your setting.


The Nature Pedagogy element is theory-based, giving you an understanding of the questions behind nature pedagogy. Taking part in the theory based courses will allow your setting to gain more out of the practical workshops. 


The practical workshop elements are based on FireWaterAir, and Earth. Each of these units is designed to teach you key skills, learning outcomes and curricular links to begin utilising an element effectively in your own practice. 


Each workshop lasts 3 hours. Our trainers run open workshops throughout the year (see our training dates for more information.) Journeys Into Nature courses can also be booked as a full day of in-house training. A Journeys Into Nature day at your setting will include 2 elements workshops of your choice. For more information about in-house training please email 


For more information on workshops, please hover over or click each circle

Nature Pedagogy (Theory)

Practical workshops

The 3 hour workshops are the practical, experiential units of your Journey into Nature. Each course will provide you with the opportunity to engage with the properties of the element through hands on experiences.  There are a range of investigations and experiences connected to each course. We believe that to get the most out of these experiences participants must take time to engage with their learning and thus may not cover all areas described in the course description.








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