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Study Tours

Join Claire and the Mindstretchers team for a week exploring best practice in the nature movement, featuring visits to centres of excellence and cultural experiences. Be inspired to change and improve your own practice like never before by coming to Scotland with us. Learn how to support children in the nature movement! 



Our study tours include:



At the end of our latest Study Tour our participants described the main features as:



Feedback on previous tours


"I had a wonderful time and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the tour. Thank you for your dedication to children and nature pedagogy. You make the world a better place!


"The experience has definitely moved my thinking forward and I am really pleased that I had the opportunity to visit Auchlone, meet Claire and spend time with some interesting people from all over the world."


 "Having spent Friday reflecting on what I had learned, I felt that I was on the 'right track' and now intend to strengthen some areas of our practice e.g. Implementing Floor books to take our whole school theme work forward. We will also endeavour to make the children's learning more visible and to capture their progress in a more systematic but realistic way."


"Well worth travelling to Scotland for - inspirational talks, visits, scenery and the chance to meet other nature pedagogues."




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