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Talking and Thinking Floorbooks Approach®

- A child-led approach to observation, planning and documentation

The Talking and Thinking Floorbooks® Approach is a child-led approach to observation, documentation and planning which is now used in settings across the world. By really listening to children and giving them time to think and time to talk, we can create inspirational learning opportunities.. Like adults, children learn best when they are actually interested in a topic or idea: by nurturing their fascinations we can explore complex subjects such as aerodynamics. 


The Talking and Thinking Floorbooks Approach has a number of different elements:



Learn about Floorbooks

We have a number of different courses, online and face to face, to help you implement Floorbooks into your practice. Our courses are designed for anyone working with 0-11 year olds:


Face to Face Training

To truly impact the way that you consult children we recommend you come to one of our training dates. One of our trainers will be able to help you to create an action plan to implement Floorbooks into your practice. Our main Floorbooks include:



All of these courses can be run in your setting for your entire staff team; please email for more information.


Online Training

We understand that it is not always possible to come to a training course, due to cover and a range of other issues. We have developed our range of online courses and webinars to help support your practice at an affordable price wherever you are in the world:




Looking for the best Floorbook resources? We can provide the entire kit through our ethically and locally sourced products. We can supply you with:



Need more information about Floorbooks? Email




"It finally hit me today that ‘the real thing is best’. My mind was a blank canvas this morning, now it’s a Monet of ideas. Can’t wait to get started! You’re a fab team. Thank you!"
Fiona Waddell, Plains Primary School, North Lanarkshire

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