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Kate Hookham, Scotland UK

Kate has always had an interest in nature and learning be it during her studies - Geography degree, Environmental Management Masters and PGCE Primary (distinction) or her working career where she has managed a large residential education programme, been training co-ordinator /educationalist for the Trust for Conservation Volunteers and as a teacher in Clackmannanshire pushed active learning within her classroom and beyond.


Kate joined Mindstretchers 7 years ago to deliver a large outdoor learning project in North Lanarkshire visiting 137 settings. Five years ago she initiated outdoor learning at an International School of Dusseldorf and now the lower years are outside daily and upper school out twice a year daily for a month to undertake a unit of their studies.


Kate's day to day role includes developing new courses, delivering CPD training, Forest School training, facilitating coaching sessions in setting, writing publication materials and supporting the Nature Kindergarten.

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