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Natasha Livock, NSW AUS

Natasha has a BA in Primary Education and a Grad Cert in Early Childhood Education along with a combined 20+ years’ experience as an award-winning educator and leader within these educational sectors. Her teaching experiences include remote and rural schools in Western Australia, difficult to staff urban schools in the United Kingdom, community preschools and privately owned long day care settings in New South Wales.

Natasha is a published writer, her article ‘The Natural Environment: More than a retreat from the classroom’ was awarded publication in the ECTA magazine, issue 138, 2007. She is currently the Nature Pedagogue and Early Childhood Teacher at Cawongla Playhouse community preschool.

Natasha is a Claire Warden Associate Trainer and has been active in this role since 2015. Natasha was part of the team to lead the 2016 UK study tour of centres of educational excellence in nature pedagogy. Natasha is a member of the International Association of Nature Pedagogy (IANP) and has presented at each of the IANP international conferences.

Natasha is a passionate educator who deeply cares for the natural world and advocates for the rights of all children. Natasha believes that children will only grow to be caretakers of their world if they are given time to play and fall in love with nature. Natasha resides in northern New South Wales and was an integral team member during the early stages of establishing the Northern Rivers Preschools Alliance. Natasha held the Chairperson role for two years.

Natasha prefers slow time, mindful living and natural spaces. Natasha enjoys meandering throughout her sub-tropical 18 acres of possibilities and endless joy.

Natasha is an effective leader and facilitator who thrives in empowering and enabling others.

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